• 0129-2300089

3 Phase 4 Wire kwh Metter

Model EC-001, digital LCD based dual energy meter Panel mounted,

10-40 amp direct.


Used as a 1Q/3Q Dual Energy meter compatible with DG sensing and display of power consumption of each source separately on LCD used with External contactors for demand control on Gen -sets. EC-001 is provided with inbuilt max demand control.


*  Registers & display the energy of dual source independently
*  Display of Main KW. DG KW, Mian KWH. DG KWH,
Main KW limit. DG KWH limit etc.
*  Direct reading, No multiplying factor is used.
*  Programmable KW limit, can be set on site.
*  LCD display.
*  Load limit on DG can be assigned independently.
*  Non-volatile memory for data storage.
*  Inbuilt/External max demand cut off.
*  Meter communicates with DG signal sensor device for auto change over to DG supply/mains.
*  Direct Application up to 40Amp/60Amp.
*  Max demand can be set on DG & Mains separately.

Aux Supply :- 220v ac.
Input Voltage :- 415v ac.
Frequency :- 40-60 Hz.
Temp :- 27 degree.
Input current :- 40/60Amp.
Dimension :- 96*96*110mm.
Class :- 1.0.